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Top fast food chains

What is the top fast-food chain?

No.1 is ..SUBWAY - situated in 44,229 Locations around the world. 

2nd is McDonald's   

3rd is Starbucks and

4th is... KFC

A drive-thru food eatery is a particular sort of eatery that is characterized by insignificant table administration and cooking that is immediately arranged.

Cheap food eateries are otherwise called fast administration eateries. An eatery network is a gathering of related eateries situated in various areas that are worked either by establishment understandings or under shared corporate proprietorship, for example, McDonald's in the United States. 

Regularly eateries inside a chain are not just worked to a design model of the required organization yet additionally offer standard administrations and menu. Drive-thru food eateries chains are well known and for the most part discovered near shopping centers, vacationer regions, and interstates. 

fast food chains

SUBWAY is an American chain of junk food eatery establishment that dominatingly offers submarine sandwiches normally known as subs and plates of mixed greens. Tram is secretly held, possessed, and worked by Doctors Associates Inc. Tram is the biggest and the quickest developing eatery networks on the planet with 44,229 eateries in 112 nations and domains.

Tram cheap food eatery in the only us has around 25,549 outlets. Tram is likewise the biggest administrator on the planet whose worldwide home office is situated in Milford, Connecticut.

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