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KFC Coupons for KFC menu

Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC) coupons.

Whenever you are thinking about fried chicken more than likely you will consider KFC. This fast food chain went a different type of route away from burgers and fries. With the Colonel's secret recipe there is no fried chicken quite like the kind you find at KFC.

You can also receive KFC coupons in the mail if you are part of their rewards program and put your name on their list. You will be eligible to receive all sorts of money-saving coupons that will keep you from having to spend the maximum amount on the meals that you buy, no matter what it is.

KFC Coupons

Colonel Harland Sanders had the idea of selling fried chicken in 1930.  The Colonel started selling his chicken at a gas station he owned in Kentucky. By 1936 his restaurant was so successful that he was dubbed Kentucky Colonel for his contribution to Kentucky cuisine.

He came up with his original recipe in 1940. When his restaurant location was nullified by a highway being built away from his location he took his chicken on the road. Pete Harman was the first restaurant owner to take him up on his offer.

The first “Kentucky Fried Chicken”(KFC) opened in..

Together they opened the first “Kentucky Fried Chicken” in 1952. They sold the chicken to over 600 franchised outlets in the United States by the early 1960s.  In 1964 Sanders sold the operation for 2 million dollars.

The chain was sold in 1971 to Heublein, to R.J. Reynolds in 1982, and finally to PepsiCo in 1986 who made it a part of their Tricon Global Restaurants division.  This division was spun off in 1997 and now is known as Yum! Brands.

Facts about KFC the “secret” recipe.

Perhaps one of the most interesting facts about KFC is the “secret” recipe. This recipe contains 11 herbs and spices and the mix is made at separate locations. There is only one complete copy of the recipe and it is held under the tightest of security. It is written on a now yellowing piece of paper signed by Colonel Sanders.

When you are buying a large quantity of food all at once for your family, say popcorn chicken, you will definitely want to have a coupon handy to save you some money on that meal. Some of these meals can get a little pricey, especially if you are buying a lot of food at once.

The best thing you can do is to be diligent and keep an eye out for any coupons that come in the mail or that you see on KFC’s official website. If you happen to get a printable coupon for KFC in your email, then you will want to print it out and make sure all the information is on there. That way the KFC cashier can scan it when you are buying your meal.

Fried chicken is one of the ultimate comfort foods. The price of buying a bucket of chicken at KFC has gone up over the years and as a consumer, you are most likely looking for ways to save money. If you love the taste of KFC like no other then you will be happy to know that there is a way to buy it at a cheaper price.

Way to buy KFC at a cheaper price.

Looking to save some money on your next KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) food purchase? There are a lot of different meals you can get discounts on if you have a coupon ready. It’s important that you know where to find coupons so you can save the most amount possible. 

You will find that once you start clipping these coupons and saving them towards your next visit, you will have actually avoided paying a lot of money in the end for all the food your purchase from there. Knowing where to find coupons for these fast food places is among the most important things to consider because there are plenty of places that you can get them from if you know where to look.

There are many different offers and coupons that are available online. If you search the internet you will be able to find special deals on the price of KFC. There are coupons available for KFC.

You will notice that sometimes you get flyers in the mail or stuffed in the door handle in front of your house. While most people automatically throw away these flyers, they may actually contain some coupons that you could use to save money on a certain meal from KFC.

You can also check the Sunday paper because they are well known for having many coupons for fast food places and miscellaneous restaurants as well. When you are clipping these coupons, make sure to take note of the expiration date on them, because you might not want to wait too long before you use it.

Aside from getting coupons for discounts on the price, there is even a way to get it for free. There are survey sites that will ask you a few simple questions and as a reward for answering them, you can get coupons for free meals at KFC.  This is a fast and easy way to earn some free food.

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