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Visiting these survey sites is a great way to get some of your favorite fast food for free. It only takes a few minutes of your time and you walk away with your lunch for tomorrow.

Peter Buck decided to become partners in a submarine sandwich shop.

In 1965 Fred Deluca and Peter Buck decided to become partners in a submarine sandwich shop, Fred was looking for a way to pay for his education and Peter offered to join in as a business partner. They opened their first shop in Bridgeport, Connecticut in August of that year. They set a goal for themselves to have 32 shops up and running within a 10-year timeframe.

In 1974 they had only opened up 16 sub shops.

This goal was not meant to be made and in 1974 they had only opened up 16 sub shops. Wanting to reach their goal they decided to franchise.  Today Subway has been consistently ranked as one of the top franchises. In 2008 it was the 3rd fastest growing franchise and the number 1 global franchise.

The main menu of Subway consists of ready-made sandwiches. The choice of meat, cheese, bread, and vegetables is up to the consumer and there is a wide variety of each offered. The customer even has the choice to have their sandwich toasted if they so choose.

You may also choose to skip the bread and make a salad out of their ingredients.  Along with the sandwiches the subway menu contains chips and cookies. The chain has also added healthy sides to their menu including yogurt and apples.

Recently Subway has added a breakfast menu that offers made-to-order breakfast sandwiches. Some locations also offer breakfast pizzas that are cooked in less than 90 seconds. Along with the breakfast menu, Subway signed a contract with Seattle’s Best to serve their brand of coffee.


The 5 dollar foot long.

In today’s market, everyone is looking for a deal. Subway has come through with a promotion that is known in every household, “the 5 dollar foot long.” The idea of a foot-long sandwich for only $5 has caught on due to a great marketing scheme. Subway also has deals on their breakfast sandwiches and combos.

The economy has hit everyone hard and when you are trying to find someplace to grab some lunch or a quick dinner price may be a consideration. There are several ways to obtain coupons for Subway. If you do some searching online you will find sites that will give you discounts for the restaurant. There are also coupons for other fast-food restaurants such as McDonald's, KFC, and Burger King.

Way to get free sandwiches from Subway.

There is even a way to get free sandwiches from Subway. There are web pages that offer surveys about a variety of topics. If you complete the survey the site will give you a coupon for a free Subway sandwich as your payment.

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